Olga Marciuc
Olga Marciuc, a woman in agriculture: Farmers need support at the right time to grow

It is the local farmers that give to every country its taste, color and value. This is confirmed by the Marciuc family from the Soroca region, Republic of Moldova, which grows a wide variety of fruits, berries and cereals on an area of more than a thousand hectares.

They started with 5 hectares, but over time, finding their vocation in agriculture, they managed to significantly increase the area and variety of cultivated crops.
“Working in the agriculture sector, we understood that this is our vocation and we would like to develop it further. Thus, little by little, but without interruption, we have invested in the development of agribusiness with great prospects. On 57 hectares, we have planted orchards: we grow apples, plums, sweet cherries, apricots, cherries and blackberries, the rest we dedicated to field crops, ”says Olga Marciuc.

The challenges they face each season make them stronger. However, continuing the work often requires financial support, especially since agriculture is in many ways one of the most unpredictable sectors.
Unfortunately, on the other hand, there are jobs that cannot be postponed, including the treatment of gardens, for which you have to buy various plant protection products. “It was the moment to apply for an AGRO Loan and this experience turned out to be successful, which allows us to look more confidently into the future and no longer consider the need to obtain a loan as a difficulty.”

“We applied for AGRO Loan at Mikro Kapital Moldova, a non-bank credit organization, which finances farmers, as well as small and medium-sized businesses on time, and it took less than a day to approve the loan application”.

The Marciuc family is optimistic and hopes to find solutions that will pay off the efforts made over the years.