Sveatoslav Briceag
Sveatoslav Briceag started the business from scratch and was personally involved in the building of a modern auto service and car wash, which is located in the Anenii Noi district, located on the first line of the Chisinau-Tiraspol M2 route, where there is a very large flow of car transport.

Sveatoslav Briceag previously worked as an employee for 4 years, being a motorist and a craftsman in the repair of suspensions in cars. This is where he came up with the idea to open his own business, not to go abroad and to be with his family in the Republic of Moldova.

In order to come his dream true, Sveatoslav Briceag came for the first time to a non-bank lending organization and received a loan from Mikro Kapital Moldova. He had also financial support on the part of his mother, which has been established for many years in Italy and gained an investment grant to purchase the new specialized equipment.