Elena Vetrici
Elena Vetrici has been engaged in agriculture for about 10 years. At first, she was engaged in livestock, then she began to grow strawberries and raspberries on 7 hectares.

Afterwards she decided to grow goji berries and acquired 200 pcs. seedlings, planting them on 0.5 hectares, and the next year planted her own seedlings planting 2.5 hectares in 2015, 1 hectare in 2016, and another 2 hectares in 2017. 1 hectare left for seedlings, where she built a greenhouse. Also, at the end of 2017, Elena bought a house and converted it into a refrigerator for cooling and storing berries. She entered the foreign market, and mainly sells her products to Poland now.

Elena Vetrici plans to sell frozen goji berries now, and for this purpose she took a loan from Mikro Kapital Moldova purchasing quick-freezing equipment. Elena Vetrici became the first agricultural producer in Moldova to plant these berries (goji), as well as the first to receive certification for growing this type of berries by patenting her own variety (Miracol).