Igor Termican
Igor Termican is working with wood for 12 years. And in 12 years he made 12 iconostases for the Metropolitan Church of Moldova.
His company make everything from wood: wine furniture, cellars, tables, chairs, garden furniture, pavilions etc

He always have orders and work, but the lack of finances was the problem, whatever they do, there wasn't enough money. Another problem was losing qualified people. As the official procedure for going to work abroad has been simplified, professional and skilled staff have started to leave abroad.
The materials had to be paid for, or the tools wear out and must be replaced. It was obvious, he had to take a loan in order to support his small business.

Igor Termican: “Because there was not enough money, we have accessed micro-financing.
We have chosen Mikro Kapital Moldova.

With the help of borrowed finances, we have bought equipment and some raw materials.

We are glad to have found partners like Mikro Kapital Moldova to grow our business.”