About us
Who we are?
"Mikro Kapital Moldova (OCN „Mikro Kapital Company” SRL) is a non-banking financial institution with 100% foreign capital registered in the Republic of Moldova. According to statistical data published by the National Bank of Moldova, Mikro Kapital Moldova holds the 4th position among the top 5 leading companies in Moldova that finance micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. Our clientele includes individuals and entrepreneurs primarily in agriculture and business sectors. Mikro Kapital Moldova provides diverse financial solutions such as financing for purchasing seeds, fertilizers, constructing warehouses and refrigerators, acquiring agricultural land, goods, raw materials, equipment, vehicles, special machinery, and real estate across the Republic of Moldova. A distinctive feature of our microfinance model for agriculture and business is viewing farmers and small business owners as cohesive economic units with varied income sources and financial needs. Throughout the country, farmers and business owners implement projects, receive loans, and benefit from customized solutions designed not only for support but also for sustainable development. Mikro Kapital Moldova is part of the multinational group of companies known as “Mikro Kapital,” which invests in the real economy through its Luxembourg Securitization fund, ALTERNATIVE. This fund invests in a portfolio of companies, including Mikro Kapital Moldova, that provide microcredit and microleasing to small-sized businesses in Europe and Central Asia
Mikro Kapital is a sustainable social-economic-minded company that helps entrepreneurs, mainly in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific) countries, build their businesses, while also contributing to the development of the global economy, by providing financial and technical assistance support to the business for facilitating a strong and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem. We create value through development and progress.
Team Mikro Kapital Moldova
Our team is young, dynamic and growing. Our experts have strong knowledge in the financial analysis based on the EBRD approach as well as on the long-term experience in lending to small and medium-sized companies.
Supervisory Board
Thomas Heinig
President of the Management Board
Richard Marney
Member of the Board
Yaroslav Poleshchuk
Member of the Management Board
Top management
Sergiu Turcanu
CEO Mikro Kapital Moldova
Natalia Chitoroaga
CFO Mikro Kapital Moldova
Constantin Girleanu
Head of department in the financial sector South
Inna Edu
Head of department in the financial sector North
Tatiana Crutco
Marketing Manager
Chiril Uzun
Branch Manager Comrat
Dorel Rusu
Branch Manager Soroca
Tatiana Leahu
Branch Manager Chisinau Calea Iesilor
Gloria Cioinac
Branch Manager Chisinau Puskin
Irina Cruc
Branch Manager Balti
Mikro Kapital Group
Our Group invests mainly in microfinance and impact finance focusing on the countries along the Silk Road.The strategic importance of supporting small and medium sized enterprises in this geographical area, the heart of Eurasia, is increasingly part of Mikro Kapital’s strategic vision and growth.
Our Corporate Strategy is based on four pillars:
  • Place our clients at the center of everything we do
  • Offer a unique experience to our clients
  • Focus on portfolio’s long-term development and aim in that way to achieve sustainable and Profitable growth
  • Take responsibility toward society and financial impact on local economies very seriously
Our Group has a large part of its focus on this area and expands its presence through a capillary network of branches ready to offer microfinance and micro-leasing services in almost all the Silk Road countries. Our activities are now focusing on this very important area of the world, linking the East with the West through Mikro Kapital’s impact finance tools, from China and Hong Kong to the heart of Europe.
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