Mihail Turcanu
Mihail Turcanu is the founder of the company "Peracos Prim" SRL. After graduating from the Agrarian University of the Republic of Moldova, he returned to the native village Batyr, where he was employed as an agronomist by profession. A few years later, Mihail became the chief of the collective farm.

After the collapse of the USSR, Mihail opened his own business, an enterprise and he concluded land lease agreements with the local population, and began to cultivate lands. Over the years, Mihail Turcanu expanded his acreage, as well as investing his funds and credit funds in the purchase of agricultural land.

At the moment, “Peracos Prim” SRL cultivates 2 181 hectares of land: among which 1 641 hectares are located in the village Batyr, Cimislia region, and 540 hectares are located in the neighboring village - Troitskoe village, also in the Cimislia region. Mihail Turcanu owns 347.50 hectares of the total number of cultivated lands, on which he planted vineyards of different varieties. The entire vineyard is equipped with drip irrigation. He also has an artificial lake for drip irrigation. The client is actively credited by Mikro Kapital Moldova. Due to this, the client has more than 80% of the used equipment and agricultural units of foreign production.