Ludmila Dimitrachi
Ludmila Dimitrachi is a client of Mikro Kapital Moldova and is engaged in the production and sale of frozen meat products (dumplings, cutlets, wursts, sausages). Since 2017, Ludmila began the production of frozen pizza and frozen dough.
The production hall is well equipped with new Italian equipment. Ludmila Dimitrachi currently has 5 cars that transport her products to the north of the country from Lipcani to Orhei. Ludmila has entered into a partnership agreement with the Nivalli chain of stores, which is a distributor of products in the center and south of Moldova.

In addition to the production department, Ludmila Dimitrachi opened a small store where she sells her products. She also built a 2-story extension, where Ludmila plans to expand production. Recently, Ludmila and her son Alexei opened a cafe-shop "Pelimania" in Balti, where customers can try finished products. At the same time, the clients waits for his dish for about 7 minutes due to special Italian cooking equipment.