Valentin Tomita
Valentin Tomita worked for a long time in Europe. Then he decided to return to his homeland and start his own business. He built a greenhouse on the territory of his house and began to grow vegetables. Valentin Tomita purchased with the accumulated money abroad several hectares of vineyard “Moldova”.

The former employer with his wife, where the client worked for several years, came from Europe to visit Valentin. He saw that he had begun his own business and offered financial assistance. He provided Valentin Tomita with a loan of EUR 50,000 for the purchase of an Italian greenhouse, equipment and land. SRL was opened, where a former employer from Europe became the founder of 50% and monitored the targeted use of these funds.

Today, Valentin Tomita is using AGRO loans for his business and besides an Italian-made greenhouse of 0.45 hectares, where he grows tomatoes and cucumbers, he has 10 hectares of vineyard (Moldova), 3 hectares of vineyard (technical varieties), 2 hectares of vineyard (technical varieties, but in the spring of 2018 he vaccinated “Moldova” in these vineyards), 20 hectares of arable land (part in lease), his own equipment and aggregates. On the territory where the business is located, there is an artificial lake and an irrigation system. Also, Valentin Tomita built a 300-ton refrigeration room, where he deposits his own and purchased grapes. He began construction of another 600-ton refrigerator. Valentin Tomita run his business with his wife and he has 8 full-time employees.