Anatoly Todorov
Anatoly Todorov was born on July 28, 1980 in the village Plopi of the Cantemir district. After graduating from the university, Anatoly got a job in the traffic police of the town Cantemir. However, Anatoly did not work much in the traffic police. Due to the low salary, the he decided to quit and leave to work in Europe, where he worked for 4 years. He sent money to his wife in Moldova and she opened a small household chemicals store. This store worked for about three years. Thus, began the first Anatoly’s experience in business. After the closure of the household chemicals store, she opened a candy store in the Cantemir town. This direction in business is still working today. The father of the client was engaged in his own business: agriculture, crop production. However, due to health reasons, he could no longer run this business and decided to transfer it to Anatoly.

During this time, the client actively invested in AGRO business area. Anatoly increased the acreage, acquired the new equipment. Currently, it processes more than 700 ha of which 50 ha are owned by the client.

Anatoly Todorov achieved this development thanks to active lending at Mikro Kapital Moldova. He received his first loan in 2010 for the purchase of a new tractor. At the moment, Anatoly has four new tractors, agricultural units, as well as two combines (Case and New Holland). He purchased the last New Holland brand combine in December 2018 due to a loan received at Mikro Kapital Moldova.